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Tuesday dynamic yoga - Vinyasa 19h00-20h15 full
Wednesday gentle yoga - Hatha 19h30-20h45 full
Thursday dynamic yoga -Vinyasa 19h30-20h45 full


Hatha yoga is the most famous form of yoga. It is also the most traditional and complete. It pays a great importance to posture. Etymologically, “Ha” refers to the sun and “Tha” moon. Consequently, Hatha-yoga means union between the sun and the moon. In France, this form of yoga is one of the most popular and is a base necessary to the discovery of other forms of yoga.

It is a yoga that is complete and includes static and dynamic postures of different levels. A part of the class is dedicated to pranayama (respiratory exercises). Relaxation also plays an essential role.

Class layout
A Hatha-Yoga class starts with a relaxation phase (recentering) in a seated or lying position. It is of common practice, that the class integrates a set of salutations to the sun (mainly for classes during the day) or salutations to the moon and the earth (evening classes). The instructor then, goes through a set of postures in standing, seated and lying positions. The class continues on with a sequence of respiratory exercises, and finishes off with a last phase of relaxation and meditation.

For whom?
Hatha-Yoga is accessible to everyone. Since it is complete, this type of yoga is particularly recommended to beginners.

It will contribute to acquiring a great flexibility, mental relaxation, energy and tonus. It also helps in finding a better respiration, and improves psychological balance.



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