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Renca Yoga Pays de Gex Prenatal


Through pregnancy yoga classes, I offer efficient tools to prevent and relieve the side effects of pregnancy.
Women that have recently given birth can join the postnatal yoga classes I offer.

Group lessons in St. Genis Pouilly SGP at Comptoirs de la Bio or Echenevex ECH


Pregnancy yoga SGP Monday 18:30-19:30

Baby yoga (2-12 months) ECH

Yoga jeune maman ECH





Petits yogis (1-5 years) SGP Saturday * 11:00-11:50

* dates 2023: 28/01 - 04/03 - 01/04 - 13/05 - 17/06            

Private lessons in Echenevex (contact me for the schedules)


Advantages of pregnancy yoga include:

My lessons are also inspired from my own experience of 3 pregnancies. Requirements: no prior experience of yoga is necessary.

You can start the class at any moment (even during the first trimester, if your pregnancy is going as expected) and continue until the end of the pregnancy. Wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement. Take a yoga mat and towel.


Benefits of postnatal yoga:

2 options for postnatal private lessons are available: mum without baby/mum with baby. The class is opened for babies from 2 months.

Please bring light and comfortable clothing that allow free movement (no jeans) for the mother and the baby. Also take a small blanket or saddle for baby and yoga mat.